New MySSI App Feature: Buddy List

We are continually working on improving the MySSI App by adding new features and making it easier to use. In the latest updated version of the App, you can now find the new MySSI buddy list. Where can you find the Buddy List? After verifying that you have the most recent version of the App:
  • Click on "Divelog" in the MySSI App menu.
  • Once the "Divelog" is open click the "Buddies" tab at the top right of the page.
How does the Buddy List work? Buddies can be added to your Buddy List by scanning their personal QR code by click on the QR code icon on the lower left corner. Once scanned, your new buddy is now visible in your buddy list. The buddy’s address and contact details are taken directly from the user's MySSI profile and cannot be edited by the recipient. In the "Comment" field you can write additional information you want to save. You can also add buddies that do not have a MySSI account. To add a buddy that does not have a MySSI account click the red "+" button on the lower right corner. You can then fill in and save all relevant data of your new buddy. Your new buddy is now visible in your list, and the information can be edited at any time. Also good to know: If an SSI Professional confirms a students training dive using their personal QR Code the dive professional’s information will be saved automatically in the Buddy list of the student. [caption id="attachment_4727" align="alignright" width="268"]Buddy List 01 image©SSI[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4728" align="alignright" width="268"]NON SSI Buddy image©SSI[/caption]