Dive Site of Month - Chumphon Pinnacle

This Dive Site of the Month attracts divers with all experience levels and from all disciplines. Students still completing their Open Water Diver program can dive alongside Extended Range students who are using advanced decompression procedures and freedivers who are pushing to their next personal best breath-hold. This site is called Chumphon Pinnacle.

Important Facts about Chumphon Pinnacle

This massive pinnacle starts around 15 meters below the surface and stretches all the way down to 40 meters. The top of the pinnacle is entirely coated in anemones inhabited by small shrimp and playful clownfish. Water temperatures are consistently 29-30 C/84-86 F, and visibility is often 20 meters or more. Massive fusilier schools do their best to avoid the hunting pelagic species that frequent the pinnacle, while giant groupers lurk in the cracks and shyly turn away from divers that get too close. Finally, this dive site offers one of the best chances in the gulf to dive with lumbering whale sharks, an experience that every diver dreams of. This Dive Site of the Month is an absolute must-dive for all visitors to the region.

Where can you find our Dive Site of the Month?

The site lies about 45 minutes from Sairee Beach, Koh Tao and around 1.5 to 2 hours away from Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. As a very popular dive site, Chumphon Pinnacle is visited almost daily by local dive centers, usually in the mornings. For a full list of dive centers that visit the Dive Site of the Month, click HERE and search for your favorite island destination. Whales Sharks, amazing underwater creatures, can be seen at Chumphon Pinnacle The top of the pinnacle is entirely coated in anemones Chumphon Pinnacle ist a dive site for every level and type of diving. Chumphon Pinnacle is an absolute must-dive because it has a beautiful underwater world.