DAN Europe offers research internships

In 2019, a total of 12 internships will be available

DAN Europe supports young people interested in diving medicine, physiology, biomedical engineering and research through the DAN Europe Research Internship Program. The internships will take place from 15 July 2019 mainly in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy.

DAN interns get to know the diving-related research and develop or improve professional skills that can lead to professional development. Each participant can expect a tailor-made program with a joint training period of three weeks. After this initial basic education, they will work closely with mentor experts to maximize their learning opportunities through active participation in this area.

All internships will begin on July 15, 2019. Duration may vary according to the individual program set for each intern and will be determined by factors such as productivity, research needs, and the interest of the intern and mentor.

The training mainly takes place in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy. In some cases and for part of the training, the interns are looked after by DAN Research partner organizations that match their interests and abilities. The activities may include field, laboratory and / or epidemiological studies.

Research interns typically support data collection and work on a variety of tasks to develop their practical skills, critical thinking, and technical communication expertise. Trainees are invited to write a written testimonial that may be used in whole or in part in DAN publications, including Alert Diver Magazine, DAN website, research newsletter and press releases.

Trainees are mainly recruited among students at colleges and universities as well as junior researchers from private organizations, including postgraduates.

The maximum number of interns is limited to twelve. No compensation is paid for the internship. DAN offers all interns logistical support (for example, organizing their trip and their stay).

Requirements and prerequisites for a DAN internship are, a minimum age of 18 years, a science education, excellent communication and organizational skills and a proven interest in diving.

Interested applicants can find the application documents for an internship on the DAN website.