Applications open for DAN USA internship

Work will involve review of 1,000 autopsies of diving fatalities

The American organisation Divers Alert Network (DAN) is offering a three-month internship in Durham in North Carolina, USA starting June 2017. The last day for application is 22 December 2016.

As in the last 18 years, interested students are invited to apply for internships at DAN USA.

DAN's mission has always been to make diving safer through active research. Part of this research involves the investigation of causes of diving accidents. To this end, for this year's internship, successful applicants will, among other things, conduct a review of 1,000 autopsies of diving fatalities.

"This could assist medical examiners determine cause of death more accurately, thus enabling risk factors for diving deaths to be identified more certainly, leading to the design of appropriate safety interventions," said Peter Buzzacott (MPH, Ph.D., Director, Injury Monitoring and Prevention, DAN USA).

This year, the internship is advertised by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Interested students can apply directly through DAAD's "Research Internships in Science and Engineering" (RISE) by 22 December 2016.

This internship (Number: US-ME-3044) is available through RISE Worldwide for undergraduate students.

Having a diving certification is an advantage but not a prerequisite. The language of communication is English. Registration via DAAD is open from the beginning of November 2016 to 22 December 2016. The internship at DAN America usually starts in early June and runs for 12 weeks.

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