About the Platinum Pro5000 Diver Level
The History of the Platinum Pro 5000 Diver Level
The roots of the Platinum Pro 5000 Diver level go back to 1992, with the introduction of the SSI Century Diver card, the first card in the industry earned for making 100 dives. It was such a hit that SSI announced it would create additional cards for 500 and 1000 dives. Bill Gleason from Skin Diver Magazine proposed that there should be a card recognizing the most experienced divers, those with 5000 dives. Bob Clark, founder of SSI, thought this was an outstanding idea.

SSI and Skin Diver Magazine decided to recognize these people at a grand and formal cocktail party at DEMA, the world’s largest diving show. Nikon cameras offered their award-winning team to put together a professional presentation of underwater images, and the first Platinum Pro5000 Diver party was held in 1993.

Platinum Pro5000 Diver Standards

The Platinum Pro5000 Diver card cannot be purchased. Individuals must apply for the award and be recommended in writing by two Platinum Pros. Applications are reviewed to ensure they qualify, and over the years many have been rejected.

There are two ways individuals can qualify for the card:
1. Make 5,000 or more dives
2. Make 2,500 dives and document a significant contribution to the recreational scuba diving industry.

Download the Platinum Pro 5000 Diver Application here.

SSI Experience & Recognition Program

Scuba Schools International supports Levels of Recognition that correspond to Levels of Experience.

  Century Diver
Level 5
100 dives
  Gold500 Diver
Level 9
500 dives
  Platinum1000 Diver
Level 10
1000 dives
  Platinum Pro5000 Diver
Pro level
5000 dives

Other agencies have adopted SSI’s program and used our standards, a sign that we invented something popular.

Annual Recognition Party  

Since 1993, the Platinum Pros are recognized at a party held during the annual DEMA trade show. The party has become one of the signature events at DEMA, attended by 800 to 1200 people.

At the annual party, Platinum Pro 5000 Divers get to meet one another, and are recognized for their acheivements. Divers and dealers from around the world meet to honor those who have newly become Platinum Pro 5000 Divers, and congratulate them on their entrance into this exclusive, historical group.

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