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Learn to Scuba Dive!

SharkprojectIt’s the experience of a lifetime! There is nothing like it. Whether you want to swim with colorful fish, explore century old wrecks, or observe rays up close, scuba diving has it all.

There is no limit to the possibilities.

Not all training is the same. Make sure the facility you choose is a certified Scuba Schools International dive center. It is the only way to guarantee high quality and the ultimate training experience.

Established in 1970, Scuba Schools International provides high quality, innovative training methods and materials to select scuba-training facilities worldwide. To date, SSI has 31 Regional Offices, is represented in 110 countries with 2,401 International locations and has materials printed in 24 languages.

SSI Certification is well respected around the globe so you can be confident that your diving credentials will be recognized wherever you want to dive.

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