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29.07.2014: SSI EMEA - Italia


diveSSI Image: Andreas Güldner Andreas Güldner, SSI Freediving Instructor, has achieved a new World Record in Skandalopetra freediving: 112mt with a dive time of 3‘:23“ !!! The previous record of 107mt was held by Herbert Nitsch. The world record took place in Egypt on 26th June 2014 at 11:30am local time. The dive spot was ‘Panorama Reef’ in Soma Bay and the logistics were supported by the SSI Freeediving Center ‘Blue Silence’ .

Skandalopetra diving dates back to Ancient Greece where it was used by sponge fishermen. It consists of a variable ballast dive using a Skandalopetra tied to a rope. A companion on the boat recovers the diver, pulling the rope after the descent, always watching over them from the surface. In recent times, Skandalopetra diving has been newly proposed by some fans as a form of sport diving in apnea, then developing an athletic activity. The Skandalopetra (or simply petra, ‘stone’) is a stone, usually made of marble or granite, weighing between 8 and 14 kg, with rounded corners and a hydrodynamic shape. The one that Andreas Güldner was using weighed 11kg.

The discipline is comparable to the descent in variable ballast diving but no equipment such as fins or suits are allowed. The athlete, still on the boat, prepares before diving, holding the stone, then dives, remaining motionless and as vertical as possible. For the return to the surface, the diver moves his feet onto the petra and lets himself be pulled to the surface by his companion. It is therefore essential that there is synergy within the team of diver-assistant, the latter at any time should know the depth of the diver, feel when they slow down to equalize, leaving the stone when it arrives at the bottom and finally when it is the right time to sail. The diver during the descent handles the stone in different ways serving as brake, as the helm and, of course, as a ballast.

Congratulations to Andreas from all SSI Team Members! We are very proud to have such a brilliant Athlete with us! And now … to enjoy the thrill of this wonderfull dive record watch this amazing video! For more information about Andreas Güldner please visit:

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