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16.07.2014: SSI EMEA - Italia

Scuba Schools International appoints Lotta Ericson as Freediving Training Director

diveSSI Image: LOTTA ERICSON Scuba Schools International (SSI), the prime educational and business support organization, is pleased to announce the appointment of Lotta Ericson as SSI’s Freediving Training Director.

As one of the most experienced freediving professionals worldwide and former world record holder, Lotta is striving to raise the bar of freediving and challenge old perceptions and philosophies in order to make exceptional divers and instructors. Her passion lies in teaching and passing on freediving knowledge and skills at user, instructor and instructor trainer level. She is focused on making freediving aspirational, cool and exciting with the goal of attracting new divers and retaining existing ones.

Lotta and her partner Linda Paganelli own one of the largest certifying chains of Freediving centers worldwide, with subsidiaries in Egypt, Thailand and Tanzania. Both have been contributing to the new freediving materials for SSI. As one of the hardest working professionals in diving, you can find Lotta teaching almost every day either in one of her centers or in other destinations around the world. “Having seen the benefits the SSI system brings to freediving, I am proud to take the next step and help to develop a strong and competent Instructor Trainer network globally!” commented Lotta Ericson, SSI Freediving Training Director.

“Over the next few months SSI will continue to expand its international network of Freediving Training Directors to ensure the continued development of new programs and trainers over all major regions and languages” added Guido Waetzig, SSI Vice President of Training & Development.
In this first quarter, SSI 2014 has already announced the appointment of world record holder Gianluca Genoni as its new Director of Freediving Southern Europe. Gianluca has already started working closely with the SSI trainer teams in Italy, France, Spain and Greece. Finally SSI has entered into an agreement with Christian Redl, another world record holder, to develop a freediving adventure program.
Gerald Skrobanek, SSI President said “It is great to have Lotta and this great team of trainers and athletes on board. Freediving will remain a pillar of the SSI training programs.”

Remember, SSI is not just a certification agency. WE ARE YOUR PARTNER IN BUSINESS! What we have to offer around the world is way ahead of even much larger companies.