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19.06.2014: SSI USA & Canada


diveSSI Image: - SSI - Scuba Schools International - The Ultimate Diving Experience! Fort Collins, Colorado, USA – Scuba Schools International (SSI) the premier education and business support company announces the appointment of Sage Dalton, SSI Director of Education. Diverse experience and longstanding history make Sage Dalton the perfect choice in SSI's mission of delivering quality education and innovation in Dive Professional Training.

Although relatively new to SSI, Sage has been involved in the diving industry for the past 18 years. Professional dive education and business development drove Dalton to become one of youngest Course Directors in history. Since that time, he has worked at every level of the industry – instruction, retail, professional education and resort operations. Sage was actually instrumental in pioneering the Professional training program at Pro Dive in Fort Lauderdale and managed operations at resorts in the British Virgin Islands and Turks & Caicos.

Since 2007, Sage has also been one of the managing partners and Director of Education at Ocean First Divers (OFD) in Boulder, Colorado. OFD is the industry leader in operating an environmentally responsible dive center and educating their divers and community on the same.

After years with another agency, OFD joined SSI in 2011 and Sage not only became an SSI Instructor Trainer, he also became a Master Trainer for Swim Schools International. Once we saw Sage in action, we selected him from a list of international Teacher Trainers to go and develop the SSI Swim program in Saudi Arabia.

We're excited about Sage and we know you will be too! Since OFD crossed over, Sage has embraced and embodied all things SSI with a passion. His experience and appetite for knowledge make him uniquely qualified to adapt the SSI training curriculum to our rapidly evolving customer base and help lead the way in meeting our current and future needs for dive centers and resorts.

A personal note from Sage:

I know I have some big shoes to fill, but after careful consideration, I decided that I want to be part of SSI's quest for securing the overall health of the Diving Industry. For far too long, our industry has relied on antiquated training systems to meet the needs of our consumers. Today, SSI has the education and business system to teach safer, happier and committed divers. It's no secret that SSI provides the means and commitment to the industry, retailer, professional and diver. My commitment to you is the same! I know you don't know right now, but what is coming will be amazing, and I for one am very excited to be on the SSI Team and to be part of this family. You can reach me at or 800-892-2702, Ext 232.

Please help me in welcoming Sage to the SSI Family!

- Doug McNeese and the entire SSI Family