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Dream Jobs

Become a Dive Professional and Work for Dive Resorts around the world!

If you find yourself daydreaming of crystal blue waters when you’re at your office desk, you should consider taking that scuba diving hobby and turning it into your new career. YOU CAN DO IT!

Once you have your certification, the world is yours for the taking. In locations all over the planet, Scuba- and Freediving instructors are needed to assist beginner and more experienced divers to grow their own passion for being underwater. Instructor roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined in SSI programs, so you’ll be prepared not only as a diver, but also as a teacher and guide of dives.

And then you’re off! Exposing new divers to miracles they’ve never seen before; sharing your favorite spots with fellow divers; meeting new people constantly, and bonding over your common love for the peace and joy that comes from diving.

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Thailand Thailand (17) Indonesia Indonesia (11) Egypt Egypt (9) United States United States (7) Maldives Maldives (6) Australia Australia (5) Philippines Philippines (5) Germany Germany (4) Greece Greece (4) Switzerland Switzerland (2) Dominican Republic Dominican Republic (2) India India (2) Italy Italy (2) New Zealand New Zealand (2) Turkey Turkey (2) worldwide worldwide / Cruise Ship (2) South Africa South Africa (2) United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (1) Austria Austria (1) Brazil Brazil (1) Cape Verde Cape Verde (1) Spain Spain (1) Jordan Jordan (1) Sri Lanka Sri Lanka (1) Niue Niue (1) Oman Oman (1) Palau Palau (1) Poland Poland (1) Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (1) Tunisia Tunisia (1) Virgin Islands (British) Virgin Islands (British) (1) Viet Nam Viet Nam (1) Vanuatu Vanuatu (1) all Offers (100)

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